From having nothing to over a $1 million in bank account: how Canadians are changing their destiny with one click.

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THE Rich Kids Of Canada are flaunting their excessive wealth by posing with wads of cash and flash supercars.

Social media is rife with shocking posts from spoilt youngsters and the Canadians are no different - as they share pictures from their glamorous summer holidays.

Private jets, luxury yachts and bling gold watches are commonplace on the Instagram page.

One picture shows a beautiful brunette in a thong swimsuit posing on the must-have accessory of this summer, a flamingo pool float, in Toronto.

Another shows a girl looking out over the sea in Vancouver, while eating a delicious-looking brunch served with orange juice.

In another image, a man shows off a wad of Canadian dollars, supercar and gold watch.

One pic shows two matching blue sports cars, with the caption: "Kids in Vancouver have far too much money to play with these days."

And a gold yacht takes to the waters nears Manitoulin Island in the next shot.

How are these kids making their fortune?

With the power of social media.

Unlike older generations, the youth has tapped into social media to accumulate their wealth and it’s working.

With the powers of Instagram and influencer marketing, companies pay these young kids to post on their social media applications such as Instagram and Pinterest with posts making them upwards of $10,000 per post.

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