Incredible Story of How Stranger Helped Homeless Poet Spread His Poems to the World

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For 35 long years, Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho lived his life as one Netherland’s homeless people. He didn’t have anything to pass the time with, let alone food and a proper shelter. So he decided to hone his skills as a philosopher and poet by gathering whatever paper he could.

Sobrinho is 77 years old, yet the homeless man never stopped writing despite his situation. His gut feeling told him that no one would probably read his poems, but he still dreamed about immortalizing his words.

He would sit in the same spot every day and just keeps on writing in his “island,” as he’d like to call it. People wouldn’t even bat an eye on him. In the eyes of many, Sobrinho was nothing more than a man living in the streets.

Despite the neglect and harsh reality that Sobrinho was tossed in, he still held on to his dreams that one day, his poems will have the chance to be published for the world to read. He fell hopeless—until something life changing happened to him in the spring of 2018.

A young woman finally noticed Sobrinho and began to befriend the old man. She was Shalla Monteiro, and every day, she would have a conversation with him. One day, Sobrinho decided to give her one of his poems.

Shalla was amazed by his work that she even made him a Facebook page so that his stories and poems could be read by others. His page has over 178,000 followers to date, but more and more people are still being exposed to his work.

Eventually, the support came flooding in. People would stop by in his “island” to tell him how amazing his writings are, and some would even buy him gifts. He ended up becoming a local celebrity thanks to his poems.

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