Woman Tells Asian Man To ‘Have A Nice Trip Back To China’ At Airport

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We may look back at the invention of cell phone cameras as the most important milestone in the fight against racism since the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.

People of color have been documenting the racist abuse they receive, from seemingly “well-meaning” people calling the cops on them to disgusting verbal tirades to outright physical attacks. The latest incident occurred at the Stockholm International airport.

Robert Ng was traveling with his kids recently and moved into a different security line at the Stockholm airport. Apparently, one white woman didn’t appreciate the move and turned to racism to get her point across. Thankfully, Ng filmed the incident and posted it on Facebook:

The caption of his post reads:

“Bumped into this racist lady at Stockholm airport where she said (in front of my kids) ‘Hope you have a nice trip back to China.’ SMH”

“Please don’t take my picture, I’ll have to report you,” the woman says in the video. When Ng, a native of the Irish man who was born in Stockholm, asks the woman to repeat her racist remarks, she obliges. “I hope you have a nice trip back to China,” she says.

Robert Ng explained the incident on Facebook, “Yes she accused me of cutting even though I hopped in a different line. A white dad did the same thing but there was no ‘outrage.’

I calmly and politely disagreed with her. Perhaps because she was losing the argument or she couldn’t believe an Asian guy would stand his ground, she resorted to racism.”

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