Young Irish Man Arrested at Airport With Over €400k in Cash - Released 2 Hours Later Without An Explanation!

Posted by Winston Winsloo on

Yesterday, Dublin International Airport security arrested 23-year-old man from boarding his RyanAir flight RA 2310 to London. The gentleman’s unusual physique drew the suspicions of the Airport Officials who then proceeded to search him and discovered he was concealed in cash from head to toe.

Initially, the suspect, Philip Jacobs, was charged with money laundering and smuggling but it soon turned out that he was completely innocent.

At first the young man did not want to reveal where and how he got this amount of cash from but when the officers pressed him on it and even threatened him with jail time he had to cave in.

The young man explained that he had never travelled on an airplane before and was not aware of any rules related to the amount of cash you can carry on you.

“It was my mistake was not knowing that it is forbidden to take this large amount of cash with me. I had never boarded a plane before and after all the money is mine!”

The source of the cash was entirely legal and when you get to know how he obtained the money you will be kicking yourself!

Despite the missed flight and a small fine over not registering the cash for export, Philip is now super happy. He got all his money back and is now well on his way to emigrating…the legal way.

Although it makes sense since he was headed to London and his profession is a professional online poker player. He just didn’t know the rules of bringing large sums of cash on the flight!

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